Employer of choice accreditation


IIOP would like to introduce a unique accreditation for progressive businesses like yours to stand out to customers, as well as new and existing talent. Our EOC accreditation will involve evaluating your employees’ experiences using a framework comprising the key elements important to the modern workplace and your unique culture. These include diversity and inclusion, sustainability, wellbeing support, modern leadership, zoom etiquette, hybrid working and much more. The EOC accreditation assessments will provide actionable data to make positive, sustainable changes to energise your team.

ESG Support

Environmental, Social and Governance are the three categories that are evaluated in a business to determine how socially conscious it is. Meeting the criteria is important to experience genuine positive change in the workplace and in the world around you.

Achieve the b corp certification

What is B CORP?
A B Corp is a company that has gone through a thorough review of their business practices and impact, and made the necessary changes required to create a positive impact. Meeting the high standards set by B Lab shows a real commitment to sustainability and concern for more than just your bottom line. The stakeholder driven business model is becoming more prominent and this certification will show an embracement of this new model.
How IIOP can help your company become B Corp Certified?
  • Identify the Sustainable Development Goals most relevant to your business with IIOP’s expert informed surveys because no one knows your business more than your employees
  • Foster a collaborative work environment and give your employees an opportunity to meaningfully contribute with questionnaires that gauge their opinions.
  • Easily track your progress with quick surveys that can be taken at specific intervals and that provide quantifiable results
Results for you as a business?

Sustainability is a key aspect in having a positive brand image and becoming a certified B Corp can contribute to this. It can also lead to greater recruitment appeal because workers are increasingly becoming concerned with the ethics of employers. Regulation to improve sustainability can be difficult to navigate and the B Corp certification process is a tool to help you navigate it. ESG metrics are increasingly being used to make investment decisions, therefore, becoming a B Corp can improve your investor appeal.

All Applicants Matter

In an increasingly dynamic labour market, shortlisting and hiring the best and most relevant candidates can be tricky. Digitise and accelerate your shortlisting process without compromising fairness in the recruitment process. Our methods are designed with a critical approach, using the 'All Applicants Matter' concept, to ensure informed decision making by your HR team.