All Applicants Matter

With the proliferation of social media, the ease with which applicants can highlight inconsistencies or discrepancies with application processes can have an alarmingly detrimental impact on your employer brand so why should they be ignored?

Lack of time or too many applicants will no longer appease the growing number of applicants whose livelihoods depend on being in employment.

Is there a better way to critically assess ALL applicants in a timely manner and give valuable feedback to those who took the time to consider working for you?

At IIOP we say there is. Our clients are able to ensure ALL applicants matter whilst still selecting the right talent for you.
In an increasingly dynamic labour market, shortlisting and hiring the best and most relevant candidates can be tricky. Digitise and accelerate your shortlisting process without compromising fairness in the recruitment process. Our methods are designed with a critical approach, using the 'All Applicants Matter' concept, to ensure informed decision making by your HR team.